Milano, Italy. March 22nd/May 4th. Lockdown.

From the terrace of my apartment at the 9th floor I observe, like ipnotized, the small and haggard human figures of my neighbours with they daily rituals, stubbornly torn from the isolation of a social distance that is both necessary and unnatural.

I need to get closer, I don't care about the relationship with the emptiness of the surrounding space, I want to isolate and focus on a human condition that is already isolated.

I put my iPhone next to a small binocular left over from who knows what trip: a sort of microscope, I have found the medium.

The result are forced, uncertain, blurred shots that exactly represent my state of mind and aesthetically crystallize the alienation condition of the characters of this strange imposed condition.

Physical distance is sublimated in the temporal and spatial contraction of instants as normal in their daily lives as they are exceptional in their meaning.

Instants that bridge the distance between “before” and “after” with their own strength and dignity.

Maybe it won't be all right, but it will pass.

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